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What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage and diagnostic tool, working with the energy meridians of the body. Each meridian is linked to a specific organ of the body. You are fully clothed and lying on a futon.

The Shiatsu therapist applies gentle pressure on the energy meridians, and uses appropriate stretches and rotations to help your energy flow more freely, and thereby relieving the symptoms of ill health. Your therapist is able to give you advice about self management to support your healing.

The shiatsu practitioners at the centre are very experienced, sensitive therapists who are able to help you get to the source of your health challenges, and will help you listen to your body in a way that enables you to create health for yourself.

The benefits

Shiatsu is an excellent form of general health maintenance, as it highlights areas of the body that are under stress and helps to restore balance in these areas.

It also supports emotional well-being by helping you tap into your body’s inner wisdom in directing you towards whole person well being. It can help you recover from past and present trauma as well as stress.


Cost: £45 per session. Special offer: £35 for ALL first appointments For bookings contact Linda Stocks tel. 07790 684184