Manu Center - For whole person wellbeing


What is Reiki

Reiki means “universal life force”. It is the vital energy which naturally flows through and nurtures all living things; also known as chi [Chinese], prana [Indian], and mana [Hawian].

Whilst you are fully clothed on a comfortable couch, the practitioner will place her/his hands gently on or near your body and allow the reiki energy to flow. You may feel a warmth or a pleasant tingling, although each person’s experience is unique and you may not be aware of anything. Some people experience an emotional release. Your body’s innate intelligence directs the energy where it needs to go in the best way for you, which is why each person’s experience is different.

We have a number of Reiki masters working and teaching at the centre. They are experienced and gifted practitioners, who are well sought after.

The benefits

It is a holistic treatment that offers you something at different levels:
• Deep physical relaxation
• Emotional well-being
• Spiritual harmony and awareness
• A balancing and harmonizing of mind, body and spirit
• Insights and understanding about yourself
• A clearing of unhelpful thought patterns and toxic emotions
• Gentle nurturing
• Deep healing that complements other forms of treatment well


From £30 per hour